Archive | December, 2017

Infosec Advent Challenge #14 posted – Linux syslog analysis

We’ve posted the 14th challenge in the “Infosec Advent” series. This one is a Linux server intrusion case. You get syslog and auth.log. Unfortunately that’s all that was being forwarded. We have some Linux syslog and authentication logs¬†download here. Download and analyze the logs for signs of intrusion. Based on the log data, let us […]

Introducing Infosec Advent

Rendition Infosec is sponsoring a new contest this holiday season to up your infosec skills and make you think (at least a little) about infosec each day. We’re calling the challenge “Infosec Advent” and have set aside $1,000 in prizes to sweeten the pot for those who wish to participate. In all honesty, it would […]