About Rendition Infosec

Rendition InfoSec, LLC offers a wide range of security services to organizations of all sizes. Our Security Services provide protection across the network, safeguarding the perimeter, critical internal assets, data, remote users, customers, partners and your supply chain. Our services provide key controls for regulations including GLBA, PCI, SOX, HIPAA, FISMA, and ISO 27001/17799.

Rendition InfoSec is security-focused and utilizes proven consulting methods, based on ISO 27000 and the National Security Agency Information Assurance Methodology (NSA IAM) best security practices.

 Our security experts employ proprietary toolsets, the latest threat intelligence and advanced countermeasures to help build effective security programs that protect and enhance business operations.

 We deliver expert security consulting to help organizations of all sizes reduce risk, achieve regulatory compliance, maintain business continuity and reach their security goals. 

Rendition InfoSec offers you the way to enhance and strengthen your information systems, network, and your IT Governance resources. Our efforts are focused on Enterprise Risk Management. Providing specialized training on topics ranging from Governance to Information Security strategy, we stand ready to help and assist.

When you are faced with a potential breach, you don’t want to find out your investigators don’t work well under pressure. Rendition knows pressure. Our firm’s employees have worked forensics investigations where more than hundreds of millions of dollars were on the line. They’ve also worked breaches involving sensitive patient data and closed off access to attackers before additional sensitive information could be stolen.

Need to understand where the weaknesses in your security architecture are? That’s where Rendition can help you with penetration testing services. At Rendition, we know that a penetration test is more than just running a vulnerability scanner. In the course of previous penetration tests, our employees have crafted exploits for custom written and commercial software. This is something you’ll never get from some fly by night firm that only knows how to run a software vulnerability scanner.

Employees from our firm are also accomplished experts in web application penetration testing. They found exploitable bugs in websites mandated by the Affordable Care Act and helped the developers plug them before valuable patient data was lost. If you think a web application penetration test starts and ends with an automated scanner, you couldn’t be more wrong. If you want a team that understands the underlying exploitable conditions that are present in your site and can develop custom proof of concept code to demonstrate vulnerabilities, we can help. If needed, Rendition can go the extra mile to work with vendors to suggest remediations or your own custom development team to implement code changes to make you safe.

Rendition’s principals are not only practitioners in the field, they are also accomplished international trainers. Our trainers include a certified SANS instructor and course author and an ISC2 seminar author. Additionally, our staff are deeply involved in information security research. They have presented at multiple conferences, including Blackhat, RSA, multiple B-Sides locations, Shmoocon, ISACA conferences, and SANS Summits.