Industry Conference Presentations

Rendition Infosec believes in education and mentoring.  Rendition employees have presented at more than 100 industry conferences.  Some of these conference presentations are not recorded, and some that are recorded are not made available to the general public.  For those that have been recorded and made available, we have posted links to selected presentations below.

  • Linux Privilege Escalation for Fun and Profit – Jake Williams (link)
  • Post exploitation operations with cloud synchronization tools  – Jake Williams (link)
  • Wipe the drive – techniques for malware persistence – Jake Williams (link)
  • Attacking memory forensics with the Attention Deficit Disorder toolkit – Jake Williams (link)
  • Developing an Open Source Threat Intelligence Program – Edward McCabe (link)
  • APT2 – Building a resiliency program to protect business – Edward McCabe (link)
  • Offensive Cyberspace Operations Metadata for Defensive Posturing and Analytics – Brandon McCrillis (link)
  • Internet of Terrible – Brandon McCrillis (link)
  • You too can defend against MILLIONS of cyber attacks – Michael Banks (link)