Malware Reverse Engineering

The services listed on this page are specific to malware reverse engineering. Check out these links if you are looking for world leaders in incident response.

Rendition’s staff are world leaders in malware reverse engineering and can help you determine the capabilities of the attacker’s malware. Rendition will help you determine the Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) so you can quickly and accurately discover malware variants. When you catch the attacker’s malware, they don’t just throw up their hands and start writing new malware from scratch. Instead, they just modify existing malware. Minimal modifications (or sometimes just recompiling) can completely bypass antivirus and security software.

Malware Reverse Engineering Retainers

For those organizations who know they need malware reversing support, but don’t have an organic, in house capability, Rendition can organize retained services in monthly or annual blocks of hours for malware reversing. Contact us to discuss retainer packages which include discounted rates for blocks of hours purchased. Organizations we work with find that they come to rely on the indicators of compromise generated in malware reversing.

Individual Reverse Engineering Projects

For those who aren’t sure whether they need long term malware reversing support, Rendition Infosec will provide support for individual reverse engineering projects. This can be a cost effective option for those organizations who have an existing team and are simply overwhelmed with work. Some organizations will never have undertaken a reverse engineering project and simply want to understand what value they can derive from a reverse engineering report. These are good reasons for an individual reverse engineering project.