Multi-Factor Authentication Solutions

Password theft is a real problem today. Sometimes users choose poor, easily guessed passwords. Other users reuse passwords across multiple sites, so when passwords are stolen from one site, they can be reused against your network.  Just using a password is not enough anymore – you need multi-factor authentication solutions in place to protect against password theft. Some compliance requirements also dictate the use of multi-factor authentication and we can help make you compliant.  Cybersecurity insurance providers may also require multi-factor authentication solutions (and almost all offer discounts for multi-factor authentication deployments).

Rendition Infosec sells and service multi-factor authentication products from Duo Security. We find that Duo operates seamlessly with most products already in the industry. Further, the monitoring and administration are second to none. Contact Rendition today to see how we can make you more secure, help you achieve compliance, and save  you money by deploying Duo Security multi-factor solutions.

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