Network Vulnerability Assessment

Regularly scheduled vulnerability scans of your corporate network help you identify weaknesses, gaps, and common misconfigurations in your network that an adversary could use against you. The goal is to provide you with the information so you are able to prioritize your limited resources in a fashion that maximizes and enhances your security posture.

A vulnerability assessment of your network is an excellent start, ranking number 4 on the SANS Top 20 Critical Controls list; however, the value comes from implementing the processes and procedures for addressing identified vulnerabilities in a risk driven fashion. Risk based vulnerability assessments not only meet regulatory and statutory requirements, they also ensure that your unique business needs and concerns are addressed in a risk driven method that aligns with your organizations risk appetite. but also ensure each vulnerability noted is addressed with easy to understand mitigation action recommendations.

Conducting periodic vulnerability scans is the perfect complement to performing regular antivirus updates and applying the necessary security patches for any new critical vulnerability discovered. Periodic vulnerability scanning goes a long way in helping your organization ensure you identify and remediate weaknesses, gaps, or common misconfigurations in your network before they can be exploited by a motivated adversary.

If you are concerned about the impact adversaries have on your business, contact Rendition for assistance.