Phishing Services

Phishing is the #1 attack vector used by adversaries to gain access to an internal network. Rendition can measure your susceptibility to phishing and help train your personnel to resist phishing attacks.

Phishing Assessments

Rendition has extensive experience performing phishing assessments. We know what works and what doesn’t. If you just need a quick and dirty phishing assessment, Rendition has phishing templates that will evaluate you’re the efficacy of your detection techniques. Rendition uses automation to deliver scale phishing at large scale and economically. Our techniques can help you discover who specifically read the email and who took additional action on a phish (clicking a link, downloading malware, submitting credentials, etc.). This allows the organization to tailor remedial training where it is needed most.

Rendition can schedule periodic assessments to help clients track their responses to phishing over time. In addition to our field tested and proven generic phishing templates, Rendition can also create custom phishing messages for your organization. Spear phishing assessments are also offered to help organizations assess how specific high value personnel in the organization will respond to phishing attacks customized using publicly available information (e.g. social media). If you don’t think this is a threat in your environment, talk to us to get a demonstration of how effective it can be.

While there are other phishing vendors in the marketplace, many turn phishing into a game, separating the undesired action from any consequence. Many solutions are also one size fits all, with little to no customization offered. Rendition offers customized solutions tailored to the target organization. Users aren’t led to believe they’ll be able to see the effects from a successful malicious phish, as they are with other “gamified” solutions. Additionally, Rendition’s phishing services are normally less costly than our competitors, helping you maintain a good bottom line.

Phishing Awareness Training

Rendition Infosec’s phishing awareness training programs offer unique solutions for educating employees about the risks they face on a daily basis. Other companies attempt to turn phishing into a game, a clear mistake where actions and consequences are uncoupled. Rendition provides training that helps employees understand the risks of phishing first hand. Employees see first hand how an attacker can turn a single click into a total network compromise.