Ransomware Recovery

Ransomware – nobody likes it. But have you prepared for it?

There are three fundamental impacts that cyber attacks cause during a network compromise – confidentiality, integrity, and availability.  While “traditional” cyber attacks compromise the confidentiality of data, ransomware impacts the data’s availability. This is significantly more damaging to most organizations because it causes an immediate impact. For those in regulated industries, ransomware may also be considered a data breach since the attacker (an unauthorized party) must first read data before they can encrypt it.

There are actionable steps that an organization can take to prepare for a ransomware event. Most organizations unfortunately don’t take these steps and end up paying more as a result. This is true whether they pay the attackers directly or simply pay more than they should to restore their operations.

Rendition works with many organizations every year that find themselves impacted by a ransomware event. Every one of those clients is better prepared to deal with their next event. Every one of them wishes they hadn’t waited to talk to us. Rendition can’t prevent all ransomware incidents – nobody can. But we can guide you through a number of easy, inexpensive steps that you can use to maximize your resiliency to ransomware.