White Papers

Rendition InfoSec performs research on a regular basis and when we are legally allowed by NDA, releases that research to the public domain:

Memory Forensics Acquisition – WinPmem 2.0

Software Development

At Rendition InfoSec we solve security problems, plain and simple. The mantra – “Security by any legal means.” is the core of our culture and orthodoxy. Our emphasis on solving problems doesn’t stop with consulting services – it continues with software development.

In our consulting engagements, we’ve recognized some niche areas where the right tool for the job wasn’t available. Put simply, our clients knew what needed to be done and they were willing to pay for the right tools, but the right tools simply didn’t exist. In other cases, the right tools exist but they have user interfaces that require domain experts – something our clients often lack. Finally, we find that some tools in the security space are obscenely overpriced, placing them out of the reach of SMBs (Small/Medium Businesses) and even SMEs (Small/Medium Enterprises). We’ve looked at some commercial software and said “wow – we can do this better and cheaper.” Instead of continuing to be outraged, we’re doing something about it.

Right now, our software is only available to our consulting customers, but check back – as we hammer out the kinks we’ll be selling to the general public.

FOSS Software

A guiding principle at Rendition InfoSec is sharing with the community through training and software development. Jake Williams is the author of Dropsmack, a tool for covertly performing command and control over DropBox. He is also the author of ADD, a tool for complicating memory analysis by populating fake artifacts.

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)



Download TearSt0pper

To protect our clients and now the general public, Rendition Infosec has released TearSt0pper.  Simply put, TearSt0pper creates a mutex (mutual exclusion object) that will prevent WanaCrypt0r 2.0/Wcry from infecting a system.

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