The Rendition InfoSec Difference

Rendition InfoSec provides a customized solution for your cybersecurity problems. Rendition will go beyond cookie cutter solutions to ensure you are confident that your network is secure and risks are mitigated. Rendition works to educate our clients throughout our engagements so they have maximum peace of mind. Rendition will never sell you products or services using fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD). Rendition takes the honest approach focusing on the real (rather than the hypothetical) risks facing your organization to ensure that you maintain compliance with applicable regulations in the most cost-effective manner possible. No matter what information security situation you are facing, you can count on Rendition InfoSec.

You can be relaxed knowing that Rendition is at your side. Our world-class professionals have seen it all before. We’ve been there, done that, and have the proverbial tee shirt. When precision, discretion, and service delivery matter, you can count on Rendition’s competent staff to save the day. Rendition succeeds where others fail.

Rendition is founded and staffed by former NSA, DoD, and US Cyber Command operators. Rendition leverages our unique experience in some of the most challenging security environments on the planet to ensure your network is as secure as humanly possible. If your network is breached, Rendition springs into action, locating and eradicating even the most advanced attackers with surgical precision. After all, who better to find the Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) than people who have actually been the APT?

When you work with Rendition, you are working with the best in the business. Are you looking at the industry certifications touted in the CVs from another firm? It is almost certain they obtained some of those certifications by training with a Rendition instructor or using material authored by Rendition. It’s hard to find a serious information security organization today not touched by Rendition in some way. You could use the others, but it’s obviously better to come back to the source.

By leveraging Rendition InfoSec’s unique experience you can be confident that your business is secure, no matter what it takes. Rendition goes above and beyond to truly provide security by any legal means.