Threat Hunting

Security monitoring catches attackers breaking into networks – it rarely catches attackers that are already there.

Read any report on cyber security compromises and you’ll see that attackers regularly remain undetected in most networks for an average of 90-180 days. For customers without monitoring services, it tends to be significantly longer. Each year, businesses increase their security by deploying more advanced firewalls, antivirus software, and security appliances.  While these new security controls are great at identifying new attackers trying to penetrate the perimeter, they fall well short of detecting attackers that have already penetrated and infected your network.

Threat hunting is the answer to dealing with this problem. While traditional incident response teams only spring into action when a compromise is discovered, threat hunting teams begin by assuming that a compromise has already taken place. Threat hunting teams collect data to discover where attackers may already have compromised, allowing the true incident response to begin.

Rendition Infosec has developed custom software that we use in our threat hunting engagements. Contact us today to discuss how we can use our threat hunting technology to help ensure that your network is hacker free.  If you’re thinking there are no attackers in your network today, how do you know that? Contact Rendition Infosec and let us help you change “we think” to “we know.”