Wireless Penetration Testing Services

With mobile and BYOD devices fast becoming standard in today’s organization, Rendition InfoSec takes the guess work out of security risks associated with wireless network. Traditional wired networks allow you to control access and monitor using conventional security monitoring tools. Wireless networks allow mobility, whether you are bouncing in and out of meetings or working remotely from a coffee shop. While wireless expands your business capabilities beyond your walls, it also means your network may not be as secure as it used to be.

Many security professionals dismiss the very real security issues that come with converting a network from wired to wireless. While the conversion may save money in infrastructure costs, it opens up the business to new attacks. Guest wifi may also be a problem if not properly segmented from the corporate wifi network. Wifi has been an attack vector in a number of different high profile breaches, including the T.J.Maxx breach.

Adversaries regularly use wireless networks to bypass traditional security controls and gain access to corporate networks. Rendition InfoSec addresses your Wireless Security concerns, leveraging methods employed by adversaries, and providing you with unbiased courses for action. Rendition will tailor the scale and intensity of the assessment to meet your business needs.

If you are concerned about the impact your exposed wireless network may have on your business, contact Rendition for assistance.